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Dear brewery friends,
our brewery incl. Brauhaus Restaurant takes a little break! From 14.03.24 to 17.03.24 we have company vacations.
From 18.03., 17:00, we will be there for you again as usual.

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Beer spectacle

The beer spectacle in the historic mill brewery

If you're looking for something spectacular, you've come to the right place: on the historic brewery tour with delicious beer tasting

Experience the spectacle trilogy in the Volcanic Eifel: taste spectacle - pleasure spectacle - drinking spectacle

The Latin teacher would explain that spectacle is derived from the Latin word “spectaculum” and means nothing other than “a spectacle that causes a sensation”. What could better describe our new offer of a somewhat different brewery tour with beer tasting than the translation from Latin.

What does the beer spectacle offer?

  • Brewery tour: The beer spectacle starts with the brewery tour.
  • Tasting: During and after the brewery tour, you can taste the delicious mill beer.
  • Barbecue “Speck “takel: Delicious food and drinks await you. Included are:
    • 1 liter of Erwin’s mill beer
    • 1 liqueur from the historic mill distillery
    • Hearty brewery platter de luxe

Note: There are no fixed times. To book an appointment, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry under Tel:
+49 6597 9230993
or via our contact form!

How much does the beer spectacle cost?

Price from 10 persons: 39,50 Euro per person

Price from 8 persons: 43,50 Euro per person

Price from 6 persons: 47,50 Euro per person

On Sundays and public holidays we charge a surcharge of 15 percent.

What can you experience with us? The “inner workings” of our historic mill brewery. Who knows what the interior of a brewery looks like? Who knows what is so special about a Schöpf brewery? Our guests are guided through the individual stations of our brewery and get to know the places where our head brewer Erwin “stages” his art of brewing with much love and dedication, following the example of the monks in the Middle Ages. Which brings us back to the “spectacle”.

Come and visit our historic Eifel brewery on the grounds of the historic water mill in Birgel. To a place where beer is still brewed by hand, far away from the machine-based production of large breweries.

Program of the beer spectacle

Starting signal

Start with the brewery tour

Our brewery tour marks the start of the beer spectacle. Our head brewer Erwin explains to guests what is special about our beer production and describes the path that the individual brewing ingredients have to take. Guests are shown what the ingredients hops, barley, malt, yeast and water have to “do” in our mill brewery – before they are “brewed” into a very special beer.

Of course, the beer tasting must not be neglected!

We offer our guests a beer tasting so that you can sample the taste of our mill beers and enjoy them live. During the brewery tour, you will taste our two delicious types of mill beer: Erwin’s light mill beer and Erwin’s mill wheat.

Your physical well-being is well catered for!

The beer spectacle turns into a hearty and hearty "bacon" battle

For refreshment, we serve our guests a hearty delicacy: our brewery platter de luxe – with everything a connoisseur’s heart desires. It comes with a liter of our fine hop drink. A hearty toast to Erwin’s Mühlenbier. Finally, we serve a “digestive” liqueur from the immediate “neighborhood”, from our historic mill distillery.

A tip

A tip for everyone who enjoyed our beer spectacle: Our beer brewing course - with guaranteed tasty learning content.

For all those who would like to learn more about beer brewing...

How about our beer brewing course! For anyone who wants to change careers for a day and “work” as a brewing assistant in the Mühlenbrauerei. The brewing seminar will be an unforgettable experience for all participants and everyone will have fond memories of it.

We look forward to your inquiry by phone: +49 1517 0124851 or via our contact form!

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