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Dear brewery friends,
our brewery incl. Brauhaus Restaurant takes a little break! From 14.03.24 to 17.03.24 we have company vacations.
From 18.03., 17:00, we will be there for you again as usual.

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Beer brewing course

Beer brewing course in the historic mill brewery

Many people can enjoy beer - but only very few brew it

There is still no statistical survey that says anything about what percentage of the population can brew their own beer. However, we at Birgeler Mühlenbrauerei have already derived our “educational mission” in terms of beer brewing from this.

A day dedicated to beer

One day is all about brewing beer. Our brewery will become a “class(es) room” for this time. At the end of the day, you will receive your certificate as a brewing assistant with a wink and a handshake from master brewer Erwin.

The art of brewing beer

Everything you always wanted to know about brewing - find out here!

You will also learn about the ingredients of beer in accordance with the German Purity Law. You will learn what roles the ingredients hops, barley, malt, yeast and water play in beer production. Together with the head brewer Erwin, you will experience the different phases of brewing beer live and in practice and, above all, with a lot of fun, humor and joy. Mashing, malting, lautering, wort, cooling and fermentation will no longer be “foreign words” to you after the course. You will also be there when the head brewer gives the beer its own flavor on the way to the brewing process.

Let yourself be transported back to a bygone era

Brewing beer like the monks 150 years ago

In this beer brewing seminar, you will learn how to brew beer in the same way as the monks in the monasteries did around 150 years ago. This is because the brewing plant in Birgel works like a classic Schöpf brewery from this period, in which the beer is produced using only the hands of the master brewer and his employees. No electricity or electronics are used in the brewing plant. There is no agitator, there are no pumps. The system is fired with wood. The water is heated to 78 degrees Celsius during the brewing process. On the two days of the course, you will take an exciting journey into the past and learn about brewing the way monks used to do it.

Beer brewing course in the historic mill brewery in Birgel!

A seminar for beer lovers - with guaranteed tasty learning content.

The following services are included in our beer brewing course package:

1 x overnight stay in a single or double room
1 x Brewing beer from A – Z
1 x mill tour
1 x lunch
1 x dinner
1 x welcome beer
3 x mill beer or soft drinks
1 beer glass and 1 apron
1 x brewery breakfast
1 certificate brewing assistant

But that’s not all you get for your seminar fee. Our beer brewing course package also includes lots of wonderful group experiences and plenty of laughter and fun. Just give it a try and book one of the following course dates.

The next dates 2023 & 2024

Start on the day of arrival at 9.00 am.

December 14-15

May 31 – June 01 24
28-29 June 24
09-10 August 24
13-14 September 24
04-05 October 24


Further dates by arrangement.

How much does the beer brewing course cost?

Prices 2023
per person € 155.00 in a double room plus € 39.00 in a single room

Prices 2024
1 person in double room 159,50 €*
1 person in single room 199,50 €
2 persons in double room 319,00€

*Subsequentbooking of second person or single room upgrade required.

Group size: from 4 to 10 people

A separate appointment can be booked for groups of 6 people or more.

The hotel’s hiking tax of € 1.50 per person per night is payable on arrival at the hotel.

Book your beer brewing course now!

One more idea at the end!

For all those who are looking for something special...

… whether as a gift or as a team event for employees.

How about our beer brewing course! It will be an unforgettable experience for all participants and will remain a fond memory for everyone.

We look forward to hearing from you on +49 6597 9230993 or via our contact form!

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