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Dear brewery friends,
our brewery incl. Brauhaus Restaurant takes a little break! From 14.03.24 to 17.03.24 we have company vacations.
From 18.03., 17:00, we will be there for you again as usual.

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Erwins Brauhaus Restaurant

The place where our art of brewing and our art of cooking come together to create special taste experiences for you!

A warm welcome!

What is special about our Brauhaus Restaurant?

Our Brauhaus Restaurant not only offers something special in culinary terms, it also has a lot more to offer.

And in spring, our brewery beer garden will be added again. This is also where our tasty dishes meet our delicious mill beer!

Opening hours

Opening hours Erwins Brauhaus Restaurant

Daily: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Cuisine: 11:30 to 21:00

For celebrations we are happy to be there for you longer by prior arrangement.

Reservation under +49 6597 9230993


On our
you will find a large selection and a tasty variety of starters, main courses and desserts. There is something for every taste: for lovers of meat and fish dishes.

But gourmets will also find game dishes on our menu. In addition, a large selection of side dishes (potato salad, French fries, spaetzle, red cabbage, sauerkraut, side salad, roast potatoes and much more) is offered to round off the taste of the main course.

The walls become contemporary witnesses of the craft: extensive collection of historical tools in the Brauhaus restaurant

What is special about our Brauhaus Restaurant?

Our guests will find an extensive collection of special relics of the traditional art of toolmaking on the walls of the restaurant. The approximately 800 exhibits take you on a journey through the history of tool manufacture and craftsmanship. Saws, sickles, hammers, chisels and many other tools can be discovered during your visit to our brewery-restaurant.

The special flair of the Brauhaus restaurant is evident in many facets!

The special atmosphere in the restaurant ensures that our guests have a good time!

The rustic style of the brewery furniture, the cozy and casual ambience in the restaurant – all this creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere for all the senses. Our dishes pamper the palates of our guests and provide the delicious aromas that come from the restaurant kitchen to the tables. Finally, cozy seats and seating areas also take care of the guests’ minds.

In our brewery restaurant, about 80 guests find comfortable seats where they can enjoy our specialties in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our mill mustard and our mill beer don't have far to go!

Some of the food and drinks that we produce in our mill and in our mill brewery can be found on the menu of our Brauhaus restaurant. And you can enjoy our food and drinks in a relaxed, pleasant restaurant atmosphere.

On the way from the brewery and the mustard mill to the restaurant:

Our Mühlenbier is not only a popular drink, it is also a "regular" in the restaurant kitchen!

We don’t just brew the tasty Mühlenbier, we also use it as a tasty ingredient in our dishes.

You will find our delicious Mühlenbier among other things again ...

… in homemade brewer’s grains bread, baked from leftover barley malt and served as a starter with crackling lard

… with fresh chicken from the grill, marinated in beer stock

… with the brewery pan, which is served with Erwin’s beer brew sauce.

… with the delicious apple rings in beer batter.

Our spicy mill mustard is also available in the restaurant kitchen!

The finely spiced mill mustard is not only produced in our mustard mill, it is also used as a tasty ingredient in our dishes.

You can find our Mühlen mustard among other things …

… in a honey mustard dressing, served with baked goat’s cheese

… with our delicious mustard-crusted roast, marinated in mustard and served with our fine mustard sauce.

"This is what the Eifel tastes like!"

Typical Eifel specialties are of course a must at the Birgeler Brauhaus Restaurant!

We would like to briefly introduce you to two culinary Eifel specialties: Eifel bread pudding and Döppekooche!

Eifel bread pudding

This Eifel dessert recipe dates back to earlier times, when the aim was to use stale bread in a sensible and, above all, tasty way. This is how the bread came to be mixed into the pudding to give it a strong flavor. So much for the history of the Eifel bread pudding, which we have now “revived” as a dessert in our Brauhaus restaurant.

Eifel Döppekooche

Döppekooche is another typical and traditional Eifel specialty on our menu. For non-Eifel or non-Rhineland people, Döppekooche can be translated as pot cake. “Döppe” means pot and “Kooche” is the cake. Döppekooche used to be a dish for the simple, poorer people. Today it is a popular specialty of Eifel cuisine.

Together with friends it tastes even better in the Brauhaus Restaurant!

And it will be even more sociable and fun!

Experiencing the mill, the mill brewery and the brewery restaurant together with friends or in a great group is a wonderful experience that each individual will not soon forget. The historic mill ambience is the perfect setting and the perfect destination for your family outing, group outing, club outing or company outing!

Well then, cheers and bon appétit!

Our jewel of outdoor gastronomy

The brewery beer garden

Up to 150 guests can enjoy our home-brewed Mühlenbier and delicious specialties from the Brauhaus Restaurant kitchen in the open air. It’s not just the delicious food and tasty drinks that pamper our guests, the wonderfully fresh Eifel country air also helps our guests to feel completely at ease.

Even bad weather doesn’t have to stop you from visiting the brewery beer garden. You are well protected from wind and weather, as we have covered the beer garden ourselves.

When our grill master fires up the mill grill …

… then the open-air enjoyment spectacle in the brewery beer garden can begin!

Then nothing stands in the way of a cozy and relaxing beer garden experience. The best thing to do is to set off straight away. Our employees are already looking forward to meeting you!

So that you can find us!

Here are a few tips for a stress-free journey!

The address of the Historic Mill Brewery and the Brauhaus Restaurant:

D-54587 Birgel / Vulkaneifel
Phone:+49 6597 9230993

How to get there:

Coming from Cologne on the A1 motorway

Drive towards Euskirchen to the Blankenheim exit. Leave the highway (exit Blankenheim) and turn right towards Stadtkyll - Trier. Take the B51 expressway to the Stadtkyll - Kronenburg exit. Keep left here and in Stadtkyll turn left onto the B421 in the direction of Daun. Through the village of Jünkerath you come to Birgel, where you will find our mill area directly on the right-hand side.

Coming from Koblenz or Trier via the A48 motorway

Use the A48 Daun / Vulkaneifel exit. From here, take the A1 in the direction of Daun to the end of the Rengen motorway. After Rengen turn right and in Dreis take the B421 in the direction of Stadtkyll. You come to Birgel through the villages of Stroheich, Walsdorf and Hillesheim. In the village of Birgel keep left in the direction of Lissendorf. After approx. 200 m you have reached the historic water mill.

The Lissendorf train station is halfway between Cologne and Trier.

From here it is 200m to the historic watermill.

Deutsche Bahn timetable information

Our shuttle service takes you from Cologne / Bonn Airport directly to the mill (approx. 1 hour).

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